Dust Mites in Your House: How You Can Protect Yourself Against Them


Dust Mites in Your House: How You Can Protect Yourself Against Them

  What are dust mites? Where can they be found?

  • Dust mites are microscopic arthropods that thrive in human dwellings and feed on skin flakes found in dust particles around the house. They are one of the triggers behind allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms.
  • Dust mites populate homes worldwide, but most particularly in tropical climes and humid environments. Mattresses, pillows, duvets, carpets, curtains, and stuffed toys are common spots in the house inhabited by dust mites.

  How do dust mites cause allergic reactions?
  • Dust mites consume dead skin flakes and dandruff from humans and animals. Allergic reactions are induced by digestive enzymes in the mites’ faeces and also by its exoskeleton. You may encounter these allergens when cleaning the house or when on the bed.
  • Though dust mites have a short life span of only about 10 weeks, they are quick to reproduce. As their numbers increase, the waste it leaves behind increases rapidly as well.

  What can you do to minimise dust mite allergies?
  • Regularly clean and air out your house
  • Wash and air out your bedding in the sun
  • Use dust mite-proof covers for your mattresses and pillows

  What are the properties of EXOTICA’s Dust Mite-Proof products?
  • A high thread count prevents dust mites from embedding themselves on the sheets. At the same time, the dust mite-proof cover will prevent any existing mites on the mattress and pillow from coming through the fabric and prevents new mites from settling in. The impermeable, tightly woven fabric thus acts as a physical barrier, and no anti-dust mite chemicals are used in our products.
  • The fabric is 100% cotton, which is a breathable material and reduces the moisture in your mattresses and pillows.

  How can you be sure EXOTICA’s products are effective against dust mites?
  • To test the quality of our dust mite-proof products, the pillow and mattress covers were washed ten times at the Thailand Textile Institute to test the strength of the fabric fibres and subsequently sent to the Siriraj Dust Mite Centre for Services and Research for further assessment.
  • We received certification from the Siriraj Dust Mite Centre that our products are 99% effective against dust mites.


  The test reports of EXOTICA's dust mite-proof products can be seen in the “Certifications” page.  

  If you are interested in EXOTICA's dust mite-proof products, you can check them out in the "Dust Mite-Proof Products" page.  

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